Vasectomy is an effective and permanent procedure to preventing pregnancy. It is typically performed in the office and well tolerated. Although it can be reversed, it should be considered permanent and has a very high success rate.

The procedure is performed in the office under local anaesthesia which is injected into the skin of the scrotum. A small less than half inch incision is made on either side of the scrotum above the testicles. The tube, called the vas deferens, which transports the sperm from the testicles to the penis during ejaculation is located and various techniques are used to ensure permanent disruption of the normal flow of sperm.

Preparation for the Procedure

One week before the procedure please do not take any Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Aleve or Vitamin E. You may take Tylenol for pain.

You may have breakfast and lunch prior to the procedure. Take your usual medications as directed by your Physician.

We recommend a pair of briefs to wear after the procedure to hold the dressing in place and loose-fitting pants or shorts over top. We DO NOT recommend boxers or boxer briefs.

After the Procedure

You will need someone to drive you home from the procedure. Expect to go home and rest for the next 72 hours. Apply frozen peas on and off every 20 minutes until bed time for the first night, you may also want to repeat this on day two. It is normal to experience some bruising or some small amount of swelling in this area. If you develop severe pain, fever or significant swelling after the procedure please contact your physician.

Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for one week after the procedure. You may not have intercourse for one-week post procedure. MOST IMPORTANT, you must continue to use birth control until a post vasectomy semen analysis shows an absence of sperm.

Please schedule an appointment with your urologist, six weeks post procedure for your post vasectomy semen analysis. This sample should be retrieved at home, one hour prior to your visit. We will supply this container for the analysis.