Payment Options

How Much Will it Cost to see Dr David Jefferson

We request that all payments for consultations be made on the day of the consultation and that you bring a current referral with you.

Our costs for consultations are as follows:

Service Item Number Cost
Initial Consultation 104 $ 280
Followup consultation 105 $ 210

These items are rebateable from Medicare only when you see the doctor as an outpatient and have a current referral.

How Much Do I get back from Medicare?

The rebate amount will vary from time to time and will depend on whether you have reached the Medicare Safety-Net or not.

When you have paid your account we can submit your claim directly to Medicare (provided with have your Medicare number and a current referral) and we can then print the statement from Medicare which indicates what rebate you will get from them.

Why Do I need a referral if I have seen the doctor before?

It is a requirement of Medicare that in order for specialist consultations to be rebated patients require a current referral. You can see the doctor without a current referral but will not be able to claim from Medicare.

  • Referrals from Specialists last for 3 months.
  • Referrals from GPs last for 12 months, unless an “Indefinite” referral is provided, in which case the referral will, in theory, never expire.