Fusion (MRI-U/S) Biopsy

MRI Fusion Prostate Biopsy

MRI Fusion biopsy is a ground-breaking technology that allows targeted diagnosis of prostate cancer. It uses dual imaging modalities of MRI scans with a real-time ultrasound of the prostate. This allows the urologist the highest precision when locating and identifying cancerous portions of the prostate.


Making the decision to have a prostate biopsy can be a difficult one especially if you have had previous biopsy. You may be eligible for a fusion biopsy if:

  • You are enrolled in an Active Surveillance protocol with previously diagnosed prostate cancer
  • If you have precancerous or abnormal cells on a previous biopsy
  • If you have an elevated or rising PSA value
  • If have a rising PSA despite previous negative biopsies


The procedure is performed under sedation to provide complete patient comfort. An MRI of the prostate is performed to create a three-dimensional model of the prostate and identify any suspicious area of the organ. The MRI images are then used with a three-dimensional ultrasound probe to locate lesions for biopsy all the while keep an exact record of the biopsy locations.


The patient can expect to see mild bleeding with the next bowel movement, possibly transitory blood in the urine and probably some blood with the next few ejaculations. This can last 5 minutes to several weeks.

In the rare circumstances that high fevers or chills occur within hours or days of the biopsy, please contact your Physician immediately.